Dan Crenshaw's Problem with Stimulus Checks

6 apr. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:

  • Taking $5k from people and giving back $1k isn’t an achievement

    Neo LudditeNeo Luddite6 uur geleden
  • Not watching Spotify, come back to YT

    loodiksaloodiksa8 uur geleden
  • “I want everyone to get free cash I’m so virtuous.” Government: Ok, hand us half your paycheck “Not with my money!”

    Daniel GoldenbergDaniel Goldenberg8 uur geleden
  • By that logic the government should provide everyone with at least 80,000 dollars a year to live a comfy life. At what point do you say ENOUGH. Once you hook a population on free money you can never go back and you create a dependent populous

    Daniel GoldenbergDaniel Goldenberg8 uur geleden
  • The fact that Joe thought they only sent money to people who lost their job is mind blowing.

    Blair MeekBlair Meek8 uur geleden
  • You know what’s also a waste of tax payer money? The 700 billion that we give to the military industrial complex. But he’ll never say anything about that

    Luis OrtizLuis Ortiz11 uur geleden
  • Damn Joe, you've turned in to another out of touch rich guy. Congrats bro, lost a lot of respect for you on this one.

    Aaron DoveAaron Dove13 uur geleden
  • My stimulus checks went toward my divorce, so rest assured it went toward a good cause.

    go4damogo4damo13 uur geleden
  • A big check is $1600 to Joe Rogan. He probably spends that on razors for his dome in a few months.

    ItsHockeyTime420ItsHockeyTime42017 uur geleden
  • Joe Rogan is a fucking moron these days. "What? they got money? Lemme cry into a Benjamin about how unfair it is that people who kept their job got some money."

    ItsHockeyTime420ItsHockeyTime42017 uur geleden
  • If the government hadn’t stepped in, housing would have become cheaper, wages would have gone up, etc etc etc. They kept the bubble growing. When it pops, it’ll be ten times as worse as it would have been.

    tasteslikeawesometasteslikeawesomeDag geleden
  • How the fuck did Joe not know this

    Brian's Lawn CareBrian's Lawn CareDag geleden
  • Dan Crenshaw is a hack. So what about people who may not lost their job may had to work part time or had to care for a loved one. What if you are in a household where everyone works. Since COVID you are the only one with full-time job and carrying your household. That person should not get a check? These two men are so out of touch of how this pandemic has affected working class Americans.

    Johanna RodriguezJohanna RodriguezDag geleden
  • It’s not free money, that’s why we pay taxes for situations like this.

    hazedunks123hazedunks123Dag geleden
  • I got a check myself. I bought stock and doubled my money.

    11Dag geleden
  • It's not free money if you receive it as a tax credit you automatically get it deduced out of your taxes the following year.... most don't notice they pay it back and receive a very low tax return

    Joker_TheSm0kerJoker_TheSm0kerDag geleden
  • This guy is amazing!! He's right on every point. I received three checks over the last year and couldn't deny any of them from the government.

    Tames BurginskyTames BurginskyDag geleden
  • There’s a cop in my town that I know that is still employed, increased his income in 2020, has 3 kids, two houses, a stay at home wife, and received over $7,000 in ‘stimulus’ money. “When people find out they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic” - Benjamin Franklin

    Gregory HughesGregory HughesDag geleden
  • The idea behind everyone under a certain income threshold getting direct cash payments is to literally stimulate spending. They want you to take that money and go buy a car, or a TV, or furniture. Whatever it takes to keep the economy moving. Only problem is that since most brick and mortar businesses were closed, guess who gets most of the money, Amazon and other online retailers. Also, the smart fkers would have invested in Ethereum or Doge. $1000 invested in January would be almost $50k yesterday.

    Ali JafferyAli JafferyDag geleden
  • Joe Rogan hanging out with right wing characters with low morals like Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris and Dan Crenshaw is going to destroy his career. Mark my words.

    omar ranaomar ranaDag geleden
  • And people who didn't get the stimulus got a tax credit

    Madison NorquistMadison Norquist2 dagen geleden
  • Imagine looking at the country now and thinking what everyone needs is to suffer and appreciate it.

    Zachary ChristyZachary Christy2 dagen geleden
  • I really want to believe this guy but he sounds like he is talking about this from the perspective of a guy who has never lost his job

    pete gerowpete gerow2 dagen geleden
  • We live in a world of lies.... Truth... No proof of god. Rich people got Ppp loans when they did not needed them and bought sport cars. Politicians created superpacs to get anonymity for people to donate crazy amounts of money. Republicans tried to force Christianity in some public schools. There are more deaths caused by police to minorities than whites. BUT FACTS DO NOT MATTER. The truth is ugly.

    Camilo CatanoCamilo Catano2 dagen geleden
  • If the stimulus check is given only to poor people or unemployed, Dan Crenshaw will probably say the stimulus check incentivize being unemployed.

    Bohan XuBohan Xu2 dagen geleden
  • "This is sucha waste of tax payer's money" ofc F-35s and F-22s and F-16s and F/A-18s and gazillion of carriers and tanks are not. this guy is an epic goof! xD

    Mr. RzMr. Rz2 dagen geleden
  • "populism is dangerous." OK!

    Mr. RzMr. Rz2 dagen geleden
  • Wow. Why in the world does this guy think only people he's comfortable with should get stimulus checks?

    Danielle BridgewaterDanielle Bridgewater2 dagen geleden
  • I love hearing millionaire congressmen tell me what I do and don’t need

    blinxblinx2 dagen geleden
  • Joe needs to have Richard Wolff on his podcast ASAP.

    Marcus AlanMarcus Alan2 dagen geleden
  • Joe's so out of touch on this lmao.

    Ild lynIld lyn2 dagen geleden
  • Everyone I know never stopped working and they still get stimulus checks.

    Estefano MasferrerEstefano Masferrer2 dagen geleden
  • Dems on here complaining about being taxed too much...you don't say..?

    Branden EdgeBranden Edge2 dagen geleden
  • Good lord, heaven forbid I had one month where I didn’t have the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck and used a stimulus check to stimulate the economy. I love when the uber rich tell me about how better off I am the poorer I am.

    pappyis1pappyis12 dagen geleden
  • People should receive direct cash payments to the degree which automation and technology disrupts the economy. Covid or not.

    Travess WolfordTravess Wolford2 dagen geleden
  • Tell your military buddies to send me that tax payer money they don’t think they need.

    iali00iali003 dagen geleden
  • Why is a pirate talking about economics? Rogan has lost his mind since moving to Texas. Too much sun baking his bald head.

    iali00iali003 dagen geleden
  • Grifter Joe at it again

    chess boichess boi3 dagen geleden
  • His father was a petroleum engineer....possibly a six figure income...his job was in the navy...paid for by our tax money....his education was most likely partially or wholly paid for by our tax money....he won the US house of rep seat by spending 11 million dollars....his pay regardless of lockdown or no lockdown is 174,000.00 per year from our tax dollars.....yet he is against the average Joe getting a few thousand dollars of tax money......curious indeed!

    Jarod VirdenJarod Virden3 dagen geleden
  • Who knew that millions of dollars would turn Joe Rogan into a douchebag 🙃

    goatsucker von sasquatchgoatsucker von sasquatch3 dagen geleden
  • Goes to show how much joe knows. Overated meat head with money

    YUNGMAJIN909YUNGMAJIN9093 dagen geleden
  • It makes me incredibly sad that Joe didnt understand the $1.6 trillion "relief" bill

    Sporttiger 1Sporttiger 13 dagen geleden
  • It was to stimulate the economy... not really to help people... I thought joe was smart lol this was so people can spend on anything to keep the economy going..

    George RodriguezGeorge Rodriguez3 dagen geleden
  • Anybody commenting on how they think Crenshaw is a rich elite telling poor people whatever, you're an idiot. He's served 10 years as a Navy SEAL, went to Tufts and Harvard, and made something of himself. Get off your lazy asses, stop criticizing him, and make something out of your lives. This is why we should have mandatory military service. So everyone knows what a great country they live in and create a greater brotherhood throughout the United States. Maybe we'd all stop being whiny little bitches and start working together more.

    Ed WeaverEd Weaver3 dagen geleden
    • His father was a petroleum engineer....possibly a six figure income...his job was in the navy...paid for by our tax money....his education was most likely partially or wholly paid for by our tax money....he won the US house of rep seat by spending 11 million dollars....his pay regardless of lockdown or no lockdown is 174,000.00 per year from our tax dollars.....yet he is against the average Joe getting a few thousand dollars of tax money......curious indeed!

      Ninja BlackNinja Black10 uur geleden
  • This guy was agreeing with everything Bernie and Andrew Yang said, and now a guy who’s is the antithesis of those two is on his show, he’s agreeing with him. Will people please stop pretending like this guy is intelligent?

    Capone 1394Capone 13943 dagen geleden
  • Rogan is completely out of touch. That wouldn't be such as bad thing but he has a huge audience and spreads his ignorance to his masses.

    c cc c ccc cc c cc3 dagen geleden
  • “There’s an incentive now to pay people back with their own money and it’s not good” SMFH politicians are too out of touch.

    Isaiah BarrientesIsaiah Barrientes3 dagen geleden
  • I don't understand the dislike ratio, what exactly is he saying that you disagree with? Im a full time healthcare worker. I never lost hours but I got stimulus checks, and yeah I think it was dumb. He already agreed that if you're facing hardships during COVID due to lost employment or hours, you should get help. He's talking specifically about people like me who kept on full time but still got a check. I dont understand what's so controversial about saying that that is wrong.

    Lonny HennessyLonny Hennessy3 dagen geleden
  • Republicans hate giving people money

    StarStar3 dagen geleden
  • Please get this clown gone. I miss the old jre

    Brandon GiordanoBrandon Giordano3 dagen geleden
  • Joe, you idiot. There were stimulus checks WAY before the election battle heated up.

    Emanuel SchuchartEmanuel Schuchart3 dagen geleden
  • Is Joe Rogan dense? How does he not know who got the Stimulus checks?

    Emanuel SchuchartEmanuel Schuchart3 dagen geleden
  • Disagree with chat, Stimulus Checks are bad

    Jean LepageJean Lepage3 dagen geleden
  • Judging from this comments section, it appears Joe's audience has grown up and not buying his bro-y right-wing normalizing schtick anymore.

    Owned By My KittyOwned By My Kitty3 dagen geleden
  • From People Magazine (Apr 14, 2021): "Crenshaw, 37, said his doctors told him Thursday the retina in his left eye was detaching and he needed to have it surgically repaired. He said his wife, Tara, drove him to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston for emergency surgery the next morning." So this rich, conservative, hypocrite POS loves socialism after all. Why would he choose to go to the VA rather than a fancy private hospital? Doesn't he go on Rogan and Fox News and spout right-wing garbage about government institutions being ineffective and socialist, but then is able to get a next day surgery appointment at such a place? Could it be that the VA is well run and is able to do such things precisely because it's taxpayer funded (government run) so profit is not the motivating factor for its existence? Crenshaw must know this, but he can't go against his far wealthier donors.

    Owned By My KittyOwned By My Kitty3 dagen geleden
  • TL;DR: The entire role of government is to minimize discomfort (never mind "suffering") for billionaires and multi-millionaires. Ya know... for people like Rogan and Crenshaw who meanwhile mouth off their opinions day after day to millions of us about how "suffering" for us peons is a good thing. Joe Rogan has always been a springboard for right-wing charlatans to catapult their career - only now it's becoming painfully obvious even to many of his long time fans who are now maturing out of this type of juvenile thinking and calling Joe out.

    Owned By My KittyOwned By My Kitty3 dagen geleden
  • Yes Joe, we all got a BIG check

    Mitchell LeeMitchell Lee4 dagen geleden
  • Bro , some of us that still worked during COVID ! “DID NOT GET PAID ENOUGH” hours got cut in half ! Double the work ! Because others chose to go the unemployment route ! Trust me those checked benefited a lot of ppl that still worked, trying to atleast reach past a PART TIME JOB . I’m from VA and these fuckers don’t care if you don’t have a job to pay your , BILLS, RENT, ect. Got it all wrong my guy.

    Cristian CabreraCristian Cabrera4 dagen geleden
  • The problem isn't that people are getting it that didn't lose their job it's that we're sourcing that money by simply printing it. No increased taxes, no cutting of the budget elsewhere, just printing it. That's gonna come back on us hard.

    Jordan KnightJordan Knight4 dagen geleden
  • Rogan is starting to look like an idiot by trying to look smart

    Kieth JKieth J4 dagen geleden
  • Saagar ripped him a new asshole on The Hill. It was glorious!

    Kieth JKieth J4 dagen geleden
  • Someone need to read him these comments. Joe is lost.

    Arizona Iced Tea PapiArizona Iced Tea Papi4 dagen geleden
  • who does this dude think he is GTFO !

    JJJJ4 dagen geleden
  • Since Joe moved to Texas he has tuned into fox news

    JJJJ4 dagen geleden
  • This is such a colossal amount of miss information, come on Joe.

    Geek Illustrator DADGeek Illustrator DAD4 dagen geleden
  • Funny how Dan shits on Stimulus checks, but not PPP loans rich people take advantage of.

    The KidThe Kid4 dagen geleden
  • Joe WTF happened to you? You were on my very short list of notable personalities I respected, unless you fix this or you are a ignorant POS.

    DiscoPhilDiscoPhil4 dagen geleden
  • If there ever was a true surprised pikachu face...

    Michael CurryMichael Curry4 dagen geleden
  • That money is classified as a "cash injection" into our economy. Our GDP was at an all time low and we needed to inflate those numbers that's why everyone got one. The more ppl pumping money back Tinton the economy the quicker it LOOKS like it's growing

    Nathan CarrasquilloNathan Carrasquillo4 dagen geleden
  • They have to stop.simple economics this will cause our currency to hyper inflate

    Craig D'amicoCraig D'amico4 dagen geleden
  • I love how Joe bad mouthed Biden, and his cognitive decline. But when it finally came to casting a vote, which I’m sure he mailed his in, he voted for the Puppet anyway

    Brian SimonettiBrian Simonetti4 dagen geleden
  • F' you and spotify...

    Juke HighwalkerJuke Highwalker4 dagen geleden
  • I understand what Dan was saying, more shocked the joe didn't know who got stimulus checks or the qualifications for them. To be fair, there are those of us who believe in progressive economic policies for example, but we believe we should be targeting the poor, the working poor, and the lower middle class. They are the ones who need salaries raised, help from the government, and medicaid for all. People who make $75,000 a year don't need $1400 stimulus checks. Just like the child tax credits, that should be based on income as well. We need to help those who really need it, we don't need to give free money to people who are upper middle class. You know why the democrat party gives free money to people who are upper middle class? To get their votes. Progressive economics and progressive health care policies shouldn't be based on hey let's secure votes to keep power, it should be let's focus this money and resources on helping the people who need it the most. If you wouldn't of gave stimulus checks to upper middle class people who never lost their jobs during covid, then you could took that extra money and gave it to poor Americans , instead of giving them $1400 checks, you could of gave them $4000 checks. Get smart.

    Terry AlanTerry Alan5 dagen geleden
  • meanwhile Dan Crenshaw doesn't mind insane budgets for the military industrial complex. the fact Joe has this marvel villain on so many times and doesn't push back against this bs is why rogan is just an opportunist.

    Y2KY2K5 dagen geleden
  • fuck dan crenshaw though.

    Jerry LittleJerry Little5 dagen geleden
  • joe. you thought that, you really have no idea what the stimulus is.....bullshit, you are a liar.

    Jerry LittleJerry Little5 dagen geleden
  • Dan crenshaw: a millionaire who believes people should suffer through this pandemic so that we can learn "values" lol

    Dirty Do LittleDirty Do Little5 dagen geleden
  • I never missed a dime and worked the entire time and got every stimulus check.

    Tee FrankensteinTee Frankenstein5 dagen geleden
  • It's basic economics. If people have more money in their pockets, they'll spend it. That money travels throughout the economy. There is literally no difference between a tax cut and a stimulus check in effect. It seems however, that Crenshaw only wants the rich to get stimulus and not the average American, despite it being the best way to reduce unemployment and revive the economy to its height.

    Rishabh LenkaRishabh Lenka5 dagen geleden
  • I make more than 2019. But I got promoted. Regardless, most of us did not need these checks. I still dont make " much" and we live fine. Too many people expect to live wealthy or fancy or luxury and cant understand living at its simplest level.

    J MJ M5 dagen geleden
  • I got stimulus checks as I have two kids and a wife and single income and make less than 75k...without them I paid my Bill's and we lived fine. We didn't live the fancy life soo many think is mandatory but we lived fine... stimulus checks make me laugh because I dont NEED it. But people dont NEED most of what they have!

    J MJ M5 dagen geleden
  • Dan Crenshaw should stick to being the bad guy in porn.

    Andy BartlettAndy Bartlett5 dagen geleden
  • But he has no problems with giving money to the rich. We should make the rich suffer and take all their money, suffer is a good thing right ?

    Gothic ZwoGothic Zwo5 dagen geleden
  • Tbh I'd rather see the average layperson get money from the government instead of all of the usual corporations and banks that are always getting bailed out with taxpayer dollars.

    banana breadbanana bread5 dagen geleden
  • Lol one of the married couples I know managed to save like $20k from covid unemployment/stimulous money.

    banana breadbanana bread5 dagen geleden
  • 'Free Money' except it's not free because the systems their taxes pay into are shut down, so without a stimulus check people would essentially be donating money to the government while it's shut down. This is a really stupid argument lol

    LustrigiaLustrigia5 dagen geleden
  • I think Joe needs to take some more DMT, he's getting a bit insular in his thinking

    GL BGL B5 dagen geleden
  • Jesus fucking christ Joe, do a bit of research so you don't get completely fucking rolled by these morons on points that are so easy to refute.

    MawcDrumsMawcDrums5 dagen geleden
  • Joe didn't know??? Hmm... Probably because he lives only in Joe Rogan land.

    Eddie FleckEddie Fleck5 dagen geleden
  • I guess Rogan is right. He really is an idiot. It's not just false modesty.

    HinduHillbillyHinduHillbilly5 dagen geleden
  • Yeah, I can understand Crenshaw's point, but I think inflation is the real culprit. For example, if wages had of kept up with inflation for the past 40-years or so, I bet the problem he speaks of wouldn't have been there. The law-makers who pushed policies through that resulted in the haves and have nots are the guilty ones.

    geico1975geico19755 dagen geleden
  • They're trying to get Universal Basic Income in through the back door.

    Steven JamesSteven James5 dagen geleden
  • Every time this guy is on the show he seems to get more and more dumb

    M BM B5 dagen geleden
  • ....how did Joe not know this lmao

    BABA KAZIBABA KAZI5 dagen geleden
  • You can debate this all day long but the truth of the matter is we are still in a middle of the pandemic.

    Kamikaze KidKamikaze Kid5 dagen geleden
  • Dan "pOpUlIsM iS tElLiNg PeOpLe wHaT tHeY wAnT tO hEaR" Crenshaw

    acdeeiprrtacdeeiprrt5 dagen geleden
  • 5:29 Sums up how much politicians don't give a shit about you. We're not entitled to have our taxpaying dollars being spent on the taxpayer according to Crenshaw.

    Danny BensonDanny Benson5 dagen geleden
  • Where did the “free” money come from you know those things taxes that rich people avoid like the plague even move state country to pay less?? Well average folks pay those tax things and that’s where the freebies are coming from

    Drunk FlamingoDrunk Flamingo6 dagen geleden
  • Fucking amazing Joe didn’t know that the people who didn’t lose any money and their job still got stimulus checks

    BamuhBamuh6 dagen geleden
  • Joe “let them eat cake” Rogan

    Drunk FlamingoDrunk Flamingo6 dagen geleden