Demi Lovato on Relapsing and Being "California Sober"

27 mrt. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1625 w/Demi Lovato:

  • Got damn ! Joe Rogan is so hot!!

    WatchMeTVWatchMeTV7 uur geleden
  • She’s extremely uneducated about weed.

    Pieces of April RosePieces of April Rose8 uur geleden
  • Sorry Joe....I would rather watch Mike Baker and Dan Crenshaw do crossword puzzles for 3 hrs than watch this act

    Junior KnightsJunior Knights10 uur geleden
  • California sober is not real. Drinking and smoking pot is not sober at all. Sry little girl but you need to be in rehab for a while. You need to be institutionalized for a while. You are not sober, that is a bold faced lie. You either go sober or you don't there is no in between. You are full of shit demi.

    Greg MaximGreg Maxim12 uur geleden
  • man she has such a great sense of humor on handling her vision loss, I would have given up..

    Dash120zDash120z23 uur geleden
  • We love you Demi

    XxMetalGorxXXxMetalGorxXDag geleden
  • I would feel sorry for a drug addict if he reached his all-time low in life and lost some loves ones. I do not feel bad for a drug-addicted celebrity that can literally buy a third tit, easily get any kind of help to deal with issues possible, then cry and victimize oneself to the public.

    ShadowSyndicateShadowSyndicateDag geleden
  • Her laugh is my air, like- I can't it's just such a beautiful sound I-

    Abby AidoruAbby AidoruDag geleden
  • Demi is such a queen. She's been through so much, she's stronger and happier on the other side, and also holy shit hearing loss and she can still be as pitch perfect as she is. Like, we stan. We STAN

    Abby AidoruAbby AidoruDag geleden
  • Demi is so strong and has been through so much. All we want is for her to be happy with herself, and if being California Sober is that for Demi, then nobody should take that away from her.

    Abby AidoruAbby AidoruDag geleden
  • Addiction is literally a mental illness. It runs through the family system. Joe Rogan...You’re not a weed addict? Dude you couldn’t even get through Sober October in 2018 and had to keep using again because the withdrawl dreams were so bad. What a moron. Dr. Drew is right. Addiction is a mental illness just like bipolar or schziophernia. 12 step is free and we are here for you and recovery is possible. It’s better on the other side because I’ve been there. Imagine going through rehab and believing you don’t have a drug problem/addiction problems. Delusion is the hallmark of addiction. So sad. I hope God shows you the light. She seems like she just stopped taking her meds, too. Happens when you have mania + addiction. Smoking weed and being bipolar- it will mess with your moods and meds if she hypothetically IS taking them. Don’t be fooled by this nonsense. Joe Rogan and Demi Lovato are both addicts. Addicts surround eachother with other addicts so the delusion never breaks.

    XRemARxXRemARxDag geleden
  • She sounds like a really down to earth, intelligent, and and humble person. She’s beautiful and talented. I really hope the best for her and continued health. Demi you’re great.

    ManWithGoodHandsManWithGoodHandsDag geleden
  • From people not from LA, these LA celebrities are grotesque mutilations of real people. It's all the decadence, and shallowness, and social justice phraseology and ugh everything about them

    LFLFDag geleden
  • Aww look it’s Karen Lovato. A wealthy celebrity who gets triggered by diabetic food products and bullies small businesses, while there’s America’s who don’t even have access to food during this pandemic. WE STAN RIGHT??? 🙄

    Brooklyn BabyyBrooklyn BabyyDag geleden
    • @Dash120z she definitely didn't learn from shit, she got called out and started whining and back peddling

      TrinidaddyTrinidaddy14 uur geleden
    • @Dash120z 😘

      Brooklyn BabyyBrooklyn Babyy23 uur geleden
    • grow up, people make mistakes she learned from it.

      Dash120zDash120z23 uur geleden
  • Knowing two former meth addicts (both clean for over 20 years) I can vouch that you can absolutely live a prosperous life while using week or a few beers a week.

    Mom JMom JDag geleden
  • I know that this interview was done with love and respect, but some of his jokes and phrasing of sentences, regarding her eating disorder, are cringe and triggering. 😔

    thenthnkylthenthnkylDag geleden
    • same, I'm surprised Demi didn't tell him off she handled this really well

      Dash120zDash120z23 uur geleden
  • Well, Demi just got triggered and pissed at a small business and tried to destroy them. So despite the weed, she still seems pretty miserable.

    Cat GarciaCat Garcia2 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if Demi glazed eyes lovato likes froyo??

    Jordan DuranJordan Duran2 dagen geleden
  • Clown fucking shoes

    Heath SalterHeath Salter2 dagen geleden
  • This woman legit tried to cancel a frozen yogurt store because they cater to people trying to lose weight and that have diabetes. What an insufferable human.

    Person ReanimationPerson Reanimation2 dagen geleden
  • I have new appreciation for Demi, I didn't know much about her til now and she's so open and honest and a lot of what she said holds a lot of truth. I wish I never received opiate painkillers when I broke my collar bone, but she's right. If I never abused the opiates I probably wouldn't be here. It's weird how things can play out and I constantly remind myself how lucky I am and those who have sadly fallen to this addiction and other addictions. I am grateful to have this new perspective on drug addiction as I can see it without shame. We all could tackle this drug problem if those who like to label things and shame others went away, I'm glad they never hit such a low and fell into the cycle... but, I don't hate them for their ignorance.. we all were ignorant at one point in time, it doesn't hurt to change and learn new things and see it from a new perspective. People tend to be lazy and set in their ways, it's rather sad. I'd rather know someone who fell so far down into ruin and built themselves back up, then know Mr or Miss perfect everything went their way from the get go.

    Ryan FreebodyRyan Freebody2 dagen geleden
  • She needs a real gut cleansing and Ayahuasca!

    Kenisha HammondKenisha Hammond2 dagen geleden
  • 3 strokes! I've seen people who've had 1 and look worse i dont think she has had strokes i think she's had a heart attack but definitely not a stroke.

    KaiKai2 dagen geleden
  • She's not telling the truth about something here.

    John RasimovichJohn Rasimovich2 dagen geleden
  • What a pretentious woman!

    Alexandre GagneAlexandre Gagne2 dagen geleden
  • Lovato: “I have brain damage.” Of course you do. We all knew that.

    ScubaDaveGSXRScubaDaveGSXR2 dagen geleden
  • Im seeing so much of her lately..

    RR2 dagen geleden
  • The decline of Joe Rogan: An Interview of Demi Lovato.

    Frank UtterFrank Utter2 dagen geleden
  • My favorite national anthem singer!

    william Hortonwilliam Horton3 dagen geleden
  • So this explains you freaking out on a frozen yogurt company that you patronized (a private biz that you don’t have to visit). Stfu, just live your life and leave well enough alone. For so much success so many people are such infantile losers.

    DRCDRC3 dagen geleden
  • What an interesting blouse Demi’s rockin’ 🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎

    Logical SassLogical Sass3 dagen geleden
  • This is such a joke. "California Sober"? See another relapse in the near future. It sems to Demi that EVERYTHING is an addiction, tho. Whether food, fame, sex, drugs, drink or whatever...she takes it to exremes. If she is still seeing professionals, not sure they are treating the right things.

    M BIM BI3 dagen geleden
  • That hair looks so stupid I just can get past it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Crystal SlayzCrystal Slayz3 dagen geleden
  • “Your truth” or “my truth”, is not THE truth.

    Stephanie LewisStephanie Lewis3 dagen geleden
  • I hate the phrase "part of my journey" and "live your truth" She says all these dumb things

    JeremyJeremy3 dagen geleden
    • Lolol Fr it’s so cringe. Ppl run with these buzzwords

      AnaAnaDag geleden
  • 11:52 Joe: I eat like a pig Demi: and that's ok, own your truth and live it Me: I wanna throw up

    JeremyJeremy3 dagen geleden
  • I don't believe that she has blind spots. Or that she had 3 strokes. Some fancy L.A. doctor told her that.

    JeremyJeremy3 dagen geleden
    • why don't you believe her ?

      Dash120zDash120z23 uur geleden
  • Demi "I Love Cocaine" Lovato is a senseless talking head

    wojakwojak3 dagen geleden
  • Crazy that her almost dying from drugs was the only thing that SAVED her career!!

    Daniel DuvallDaniel Duvall3 dagen geleden
  • Never done drugs expect the legal ones, alcohol just makes me feel like shit afterwards but once weed was legal I gave it a shot, I have to say weed is better during and afterwards. I only do edibles because I live with peeps...don't even do it that often since am never been the get addicted type.

    SevenspentSevenspent3 dagen geleden
  • This poor girl will never recover. She’s just going to spend a lifetime relapsing. She’s obsessed with staying relevant and in social media. And that obsession is going to keep too many negative things in her life. Her latest tweet being complaints about there being low cal and disgust free froyo and how it’s preying upon people. She can’t even process there are people who can’t have sugar or don’t want to get fat eating 1500 calorie bowls of froyo. Smh

    Poison JarlPoison Jarl4 dagen geleden
  • Damn, she was all kinds of fucked up.

    DestinyDestiny4 dagen geleden
  • When is this episode coming out?

    samantha lynnesamantha lynne4 dagen geleden
  • Hahahaha...oops... someone just died due to misinformation...

    beniam johnsonbeniam johnson4 dagen geleden
  • Sounds gay.

  • She has a team to trim her eyebrows!

    timothy jensentimothy jensen5 dagen geleden
  • What's up comment section! I sure do miss you guys now days 😭 hope everyone is doing well

    Shawn LovettShawn Lovett5 dagen geleden
  • This is cool. Great podcast. Generic comment inbound

    Ali AkbarAli Akbar5 dagen geleden
  • "My truth" 🙄🥱

    MaxxYieldMaxxYield5 dagen geleden
  • It looks like Joe does have a tatoo addiction

    Eric JenningsEric Jennings5 dagen geleden
  • If you smoke weed, you’re not sober. I was a heroin addict for ten years, sober for 7, and saying you’re “California sober” takes away the hard work of people who abstain completely. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing that she uses weed to overcome her addiction. I’m happy for her. But she is in no way sober.

    Jeremy WashingtonJeremy Washington5 dagen geleden
  • There are so many people that we don't know what they are struggiling with. Never judge

    Tyler MikaelsonTyler Mikaelson5 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone really care about these celebtards? 🙄

    LizLiz5 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunately she has a platform. What "works" for her could be incredibly detrimental to someone else getting sober and thinking because Demi does it "why can't it work for me?" Do what you do but keep you "California sober" to yourself.

    rockinsteadyrockinsteady5 dagen geleden
  • I’ve always had no respect for pop music and pop stars in general. I think the whole pop genre and related industries are a detriment to society and promote superficiality, stupidity, instant gratification, and other negative and detrimental ideas and concepts. But when I saw that Demi Lovato was on the Joe Rogan podcast I thought I’d give her a chance and get some insight. I thought maybe I’d be wrong and that pop stars and pop music deserve some respect. So, I listened to the entire podcast with Demi. Long story short my feelings toward pop music and pop stars were not changed at all. They were reaffirmed and strengthened. Demi is a self-avowed mentally ill person, dependent on weed to function in life, has a “treatment team” (her words) to help her through her life, is “pan sexual” (her own words) and just wants to “live her truth” (her own words). Nothing really to see there. Maybe it’s just that she was corrupted from a young age (parents abusive/mentally ill as well) and this is the result. I don’t know. But word of advice: stay away from Hollywood and the music industry as well.

    mtaylor935mtmtaylor935mt5 dagen geleden
  • I didn’t realize how addicting SSRI’s can be considering that they don’t even get you high. I was taking them for 3 years and decided to go off cold turkey and it totally felt similar to narcotic withdrawals. Big Pharma wants you to be addicted to their drugs. Anything can be an addictive substance. Please be careful young people. You only get one brain, take care of it.

    SphericaISphericaI5 dagen geleden
  • i'l give it 5 years.

    FubaRFubaR6 dagen geleden
  • It's "something I don't wanna open up with publicly, it's just between me and my team" *opens up and feels that DMX dying was a drug wake up call* She's so narcissistic and toxic and needs help. Hope you get that, not on a JRE.

    Jose GuthrieJose Guthrie6 dagen geleden
  • Cali Sober is bullshit. You can lie to yourself all you want but if you didn’t operate well using substances before you got treatment you definitely won’t operate well using any other form of substance afterwards. Look at what everyone says who’s Cali sober, look at what she said, “it’s easier to meditate”, or people who say “it helps me deal with my anxiety and the stresses of life” WE ALL HAVE ANXIETY WE ALL HAVE STRESSES IN LIFE. Life is not about making things EASIER or more comfortable for yourself. Of course weed makes everything easier but do you really get true satisfaction out of what you gain if it’s “easier”? Shame on her “treatment team” she just pays them to tell her what she wants to hear! If anyone’s reading this stop smoking that shit if you had a problem with drugs before. You clearly cannot use them well. Joe rogan doesn’t have addiction issues and he’s more than capable of smoking here and there.

    Nathan RossiNathan Rossi6 dagen geleden
  • OwN mY tRuTh

    The HighlanderThe Highlander6 dagen geleden
  • This chick is on drugs rite now lol

    Robert EspinosaRobert Espinosa6 dagen geleden
  • She did all them drug them

    Christian CelisChristian Celis6 dagen geleden
  • Demi fine

    Jbizzle2Jbizzle26 dagen geleden
  • Who gives a shit what she says..??? Way out of touch with reality...

    Boyd HeightenBoyd Heighten7 dagen geleden
  • Sorry, Demi, but that is not sobriety.

    okthennoneokthennone7 dagen geleden
  • Good thing you're not Arkansas sober just on meth 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Alyssa :Alyssa :7 dagen geleden
  • joe rogan: dislikes because girl

    Sharad MathurSharad Mathur7 dagen geleden
  • Annoying she came in this show, its so beneath her.

    Nora ANora A7 dagen geleden
  • He is so fucking disrespectful during this

    Sarah.Grace.22Sarah.Grace.227 dagen geleden
  • I know alot of people who got clean and its weird how some can drink and smoke weed casually and not relapse and others who know to avoid it because they dont want to be tempted, more power to anyone getting sober

    Corbyn BelliveauCorbyn Belliveau7 dagen geleden
  • "OMG EVERYONE IS SO COOL AND AWESOME!" 3 minutes later: My drug dealer sold me heroin laced with fantanyl and I had three strokes and a heart attack... Sounds like your accepting lifestyle isn't going so great for you...

    Paul MillerPaul Miller7 dagen geleden
  • Demi, love, you still have a ways to go on your journey to "your truth". Hint: Your truth is a human truth. Your truth is our truth.

    Paul MillerPaul Miller7 dagen geleden
  • Smoke inhalation increases free radicals in the body. Maybe she should stick to edibles...

    Paul MillerPaul Miller7 dagen geleden
  • Bro this whole situation with her...who fucking cares, go make another video about your love for drugs and how insecure you happen to be... Do it for the world cause we all give a fuck

    on1kaon1ka7 dagen geleden
  • “Out of the pool boys”😂😂

    MooG730*MooG730*7 dagen geleden
  • Whos this gardenHoe I'm from Germany

    Dan 2.0Dan 2.07 dagen geleden
  • Weed highs never go sideways for these types of people and I don't get it. Joe gets high and does marshal arts. Fucking potheads. Their mom's must have smoked it while pregnant and that's why they function so well with it. Because this is not normal.

    K. FrostK. Frost7 dagen geleden
  • Makes sense tho i suffer from migraines always feel amazing after throwing up with them shes onto something there

    Left Out Of The ConversationLeft Out Of The Conversation7 dagen geleden
    • I seriously cannot imagine suffering from migraines. My future son-in-law has bad you have any advice for me? I told him he needs to see a dr. Imitrex, from what I've told, is a good drug for migraine. If you have any advice I could send his way I'd certainly appreciate it. Again, I'm sorry that you deal with migraines. :(

      nikki venablenikki venable6 dagen geleden
  • How’s that wikifeet rating? Loser

    PeachPeach7 dagen geleden
  • You NEED food to live .. You don’t NEED drugs to live.. ‘California Sober’ is exactly what led her to relapsing.. Some people can drink & smoke weed & be fine.. HEROIN ADDICTS CANNOT.. Speaking from personal experience

    Pink CakePink Cake7 dagen geleden
  • Bruh.. you only get sick if you buy cheap shit... All that money she could just get a clean brick straight from colombia.. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Isai LopezIsai Lopez7 dagen geleden
  • All this money and she used crack? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Isai LopezIsai Lopez7 dagen geleden
  • imagine she had ODed successful, another "star gone too early"

    Hans gameHans game7 dagen geleden
  • So she had never tried weed but was hooked on heroine and crack at 15....??

    William MadridWilliam Madrid8 dagen geleden
  • You should get Danny Duncan on the show.

    Tanner KimmellTanner Kimmell8 dagen geleden
  • Demi and Joe go together like lamb and tuna fish

    Joseph VolmJoseph Volm8 dagen geleden
  • I so want her to find kratom. I’m assuming it’s an opioid addiction. Going in with the game plan of using it just until her addiction under control.

    rachel nguyenrachel nguyen8 dagen geleden
    • @John Smith it won’t kill her thoooo

      Leah DickersonLeah Dickerson5 dagen geleden
    • Kratom's the same thing, and I've heard nasty story of addicts trying to get off it.

      John SmithJohn Smith5 dagen geleden
    • was thinking the same. turns out she’s not just smoking weed but drinking, which i think is the real gateway personally. should try an all green diet

      Leah DickersonLeah Dickerson6 dagen geleden
    • Seems like she's doing alright and kratom has its own addictive qualities.

      LCLC7 dagen geleden
  • she can't live her life without a substance which is basically the definition of substance addiction, coming from an ex heroin addict like her it doesnt work, eventually you will go back to the high you want, the most amazing powerful high, heroin, but hey to each their own

    Noah PNoah P8 dagen geleden
  • I love Demi but I just don’t like how she was laughing and trying to convince herself that this is a new path that will work. I just know it won’t, we can all convince ourselves of anything if we want to. It doesn’t make it right though

    Anaysa GarzaAnaysa Garza8 dagen geleden
  • Jesus christ her fucking laugh 1:02 sounded like a loud CONCRETE JUNGLE PARROT lol

    Silver MartianSilver Martian8 dagen geleden
  • No one is putting a gun to your head to take drugs. You are your own worst enemy.

    Silver MartianSilver Martian8 dagen geleden
  • My brother was a hard core addict. He smoked weed or was "California sober" and it didn't stop him from ODing. Does that mean it won't for but there's a reason why they advise against it in early recovery. I'm a huge fan of her voice. I say it that way bc frankly over the years I stopped liking her as a person but I still think she's one of most gifted singers of my generation. With that being said she has some serious mental health issues on top of her addiction. I hope for the love of everything she is staying away from the stuff that could kill her but it's not a secret she has codependency issues with men or "love" and the idea of it and self worth issues. She needs to actually address these things out of the spot light or we will hear about another incident on the news. IMO. Everytime she "comes back" there's a level of performance about it. She's copes with work...she needs to cope with something else. I've followed her since I was a teenager. Followed her story and every recovery stint and her OD. There's a pattern. I hope she breaks it and find what works. I want the best for her. If that's "California sober" sure. Whatever idc. But if it ends in another OD I wouldn't be shocked.

    Skallia RaySkallia Ray8 dagen geleden
  • I hope she can get passed that and feel happy and relief without anything one day

    amber suarezamber suarez8 dagen geleden
    • There is no such thing as "Cali Sober" 👎👎👎

      Ruben RiosRuben Rios6 dagen geleden
  • Alcohol Dampens glutamate in your brain so you feel calm. When you stop drinking, if you're addicted, glutamate is out of control and you feel really anxious. N-acetyl cysteine helps to calm/regulate glutamate excitability . Nootropics, which N-acetyl cysteine is, can help the brain with all sorts of issues.

    Roadrunner GirlRoadrunner Girl8 dagen geleden
  • Marijuana can be used as a healing medicine for pain, anxiety, depression when used properly and not abused.

    Roadrunner GirlRoadrunner Girl8 dagen geleden
    • More of a band-aid than actual healing. Isn't gonna make the reasons for any of that go away.

      John SmithJohn Smith5 dagen geleden
  • That’s crazy Overdosing does mess up your vision and hearing it’s so scary. I overdosed on my seizure medicines because I was taking the wrong dose On accident and I was basically blind for a week

    Sandra GarciaSandra Garcia8 dagen geleden
  • Nat RichNat Rich8 dagen geleden
  • She hasn't learned her lesson...she just switched from one addiction to another 🙄 She can't be sober..thats the truth So Sad. ..

    calderonjd30calderonjd308 dagen geleden