Marcus Luttrell Remembers Real Life "Lone Survivor" Rescue

24 mrt. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1622 w/Marcus Luttrell:

  • Crazy man. Never give up freedom folks. 💪🏼

    Chaz MichaelMichaelsChaz MichaelMichaels3 uur geleden
  • Great cast, BUT why did it end on a bathroom break!?

    Ozzy PeteOzzy Pete3 uur geleden
  • It wasn't even Marcus who brought Gulab to the U.S. Then a former Marine infantry officer who participated in Operation Red Wings says that this dude is exagerating. Few others say there weren't even 30 enemy fighters on that mountain, meanwhile, Marcus says there was between 80 to 200. And then Gulab speaks out and says how badly Marcus treated him after he (Marcus) started building a successful career out of this story. Not to mention: Gulab had to stay on the run for 10 years just for helping Marcus, meanwhile, Marcus is over here making up to $50,000 just to tell his story infront of a live audience.

    RAGERAGE10 uur geleden
  • Just before he crashed he said “watch this! “ 😂 the words uttered by every man just before a spectacular fail , incredible story and seeing him get caught up revisiting those memories made it even more incredible, massive respect ✊🏻

    sok6789sok678912 uur geleden
  • After listening to this full Podcast I had to get the book and watch the movie. Truly an amazing story

    Stew SmithStew Smith13 uur geleden
  • He’s a good propaganda mouth piece and full of shit

    t. Baitmant. Baitman15 uur geleden
  • man !!!!!! my life is small next to this guy's story. definitely changed how i think now. Marcus story in an inspiration. he radiates humanity. i respsect that

    Rand LutzRand Lutz16 uur geleden
  • Reminded me of listening to my late father, on Anzac Days... much respect Marcus! Thank you for your courage, and sharing this, your a good man

    DeathRacer0888DeathRacer088816 uur geleden
  • Marcus: you know how you can smell death when its there??? Joe: not really

    Jacob TurnerJacob Turner16 uur geleden
  • Damn I really wanted him to finish that thought at 1:59

    rb26dettrb26dett19 uur geleden
  • I never cry, but after this, a tear drop in honor and respect of thos heros and this brother ho lives to tell the story and honor his brothers and this man is so strong, i wish to be as strong as him. Respect , salut you man. Wish the best and i will pray for u and ur brothers

    Franc LiziFranc Lizi22 uur geleden
    • He was wrong to go Afghanistan just to kill innocent people.

      Jamal somaliJamal somali55 minuten geleden
  • Ya I think it's full of shit .. sorry

    Shawn KelleyShawn KelleyDag geleden
  • I don't know why but I feel this guy is full of shit ...he just has the look of a liar.. could be wrong just my opinion

    Shawn KelleyShawn KelleyDag geleden
  • Can everyone stop calling him sir!? He worked for a living.

    CCCCDag geleden
  • He smacked that actor though.

    X MX MDag geleden
  • God bless this man! Great video

    Gwe123 Gwe123Gwe123 Gwe123Dag geleden
  • And that damn Pepsi bottle! 🤮

    Parker WarrenParker WarrenDag geleden
  • God Bless you, Brother.

    Rich ForbusRich ForbusDag geleden
  • Ill line crew

    Al LoganAl LoganDag geleden
  • Thank you for your service , sir ! God bless America 🇺🇸

    Taylor W1Taylor W1Dag geleden
  • Marcus actually makes a really good point right at the beginning, what would have this a great movie would have been if you had no idea based on the casting, who was Marcus Luttrell and which actor would be left standing at the end of the film, that would really have elevated it. But the industry needs an a-list actor to sell the film and a short guy from Boston was given the role of Luttrell, a big dude from Texas, cmon now. Wahlburg should have played Michal Murphy and Ben Foster who played Matt Axelson should have been Luttrell. As it played out the only thing redeeming about the movie was Ben Fosters performance, which was on a whole other level from the other 3 guys. When you watched Wahlburg, Kitch and Hirsch you knew you were watchibg an action movie, when you watched Foster you felt like you were watching a drama, he was that good.

    Matt BegleyMatt BegleyDag geleden
  • His pauses. It almost triggers my PTSD watching him.

    T4M Sim Racer 81T4M Sim Racer 81Dag geleden
  • Whoa that was deep

    Letter RippLetter Ripp2 dagen geleden
  • Wow, there is not a lot that will leave you speechless. I just have nothing to say. So much respect u bro.

    Ben BowmenBen Bowmen2 dagen geleden
  • That’s some powerful shit

    Tommy CTommy C2 dagen geleden
  • Listening to this it feels like he's a father talking to you.

    Dustin MatthewsDustin Matthews2 dagen geleden
  • This is fantastic but man u can tell he’s hurt inside but what a story

    S4M 134R10WS4M 134R10W2 dagen geleden
  • This guy does not seem sane. He probably embellished his war story pretty heavily. Why'd he have 11 full magazines on him when he was found? Sounds like his final battle was with imaginary afghans...

    Symbio- genesisSymbio- genesis2 dagen geleden
  • Dude looks like a fat Ryan Reynolds from the side. Can't unsee it.

    Maddy GrandMaddy Grand2 dagen geleden
  • 🐐

    Eli RichardsEli Richards2 dagen geleden
  • This guy cant tell a story for shit.

    James CJames C2 dagen geleden
  • Joe’s gift is making people so comfortable they feel like they can talk about anything. To get a man like this to open up like that. Incredible interview

    Tom MurphyTom Murphy2 dagen geleden
  • you know he is remembering what it was at that particular moment in time... and you know he will never forget it.. courage isn't something you learn - it is instill in you...

    altbebaltbeb2 dagen geleden
  • Wow respect

    Andrew ClarkAndrew Clark2 dagen geleden
  • man, Marcus Luttrell makes you wanna be better

    GFunke hauserGFunke hauser2 dagen geleden
  • I'll never forget Marcus calling in to the Glen Beck show while in pursuit of 2 dude that shot his dog. Luttrell is amazing.

    cliff knightcliff knight3 dagen geleden
  • Just watched the film yesterday and wow.

    93ddb93ddb3 dagen geleden
  • Puts things in perspective

    WS6 1997WS6 19973 dagen geleden
  • Wow. I’m humbled.

    Ginger DogGinger Dog3 dagen geleden
  • Man you can just hear it in his voice. I started wailing up several times.

    Dustin MatthewsDustin Matthews3 dagen geleden
  • How Marcus looks over at Joe and just casually asks “you know how you can smell death when it’s there?” No Marcus.. no I don’t. 😐😯

    Sintech AudioSintech Audio3 dagen geleden
  • You can tell by the way he talks an stutters and everytime he pauses how hard it is for him to talk abouts his experience this guy is a true legend an a hero for is all God bless him

    Adam MartinAdam Martin3 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t he see the movie??

    Hail HydraHail Hydra3 dagen geleden
    • Because its full of his lies

      Multi KillaMulti Killa2 dagen geleden
  • Whenever I think I'm having a bad day at work I remember this and realize it's the greatest day ever. So much respect to our military and those afghans.

    Chim RichaldsChim Richalds3 dagen geleden
  • Dude is one tough s.o.b hence their specialized training to become a seal. God bless

    Heat PeteHeat Pete3 dagen geleden
  • Though I be the lone survivor. Rangers lead the way

    SimpleSimple3 dagen geleden
  • officially the most badass human to ever exist EVER this is the kind of dude you play as in call of duty unreal

    Sam SpeakmanSam Speakman3 dagen geleden
  • Expendable asset is the sexyiest thing I ever herd thank you

    Adam RondeauAdam Rondeau4 dagen geleden
  • Just look at this guy. His eyes. The kind that can see right through you. Read you like a open book of every laungage that crepith the earth.

    savagex466savagex4664 dagen geleden
  • Marcus, is One of the most interesting human beings on the planet.

    Quest4AdventureQuest4Adventure4 dagen geleden
  • This man has bad survivor guilt, you can tell it bothered him they put so much emphasis on him

    Allen MickAllen Mick4 dagen geleden
  • In just a short time this guy saw the worst things and the best things human beings can do.

    Dan CDan C4 dagen geleden
  • This dude is fucking crazy bro

    Austen kreinerAusten kreiner4 dagen geleden
  • 9:50 anyone else see the glass move??

    laurence marklaurence mark4 dagen geleden
  • Legend I’d stand side by side and shoot taliban with that guy any day

    Jamie TaylorJamie Taylor4 dagen geleden
  • My god you can see him reliving every second in his head.. powerfull

    MrDeseptionMrDeseption4 dagen geleden
  • He said I was a nobody that shit really will never be a nobody again sir you are an American hero

    AdamLowdogAdamLowdog4 dagen geleden
  • Wow..... amazing story..

    Lionel MoraLionel Mora4 dagen geleden
  • That man is a hero!!!!

    David bermanDavid berman4 dagen geleden
  • He said all his fingers are ripped off, he has all his fingers?

    sidgarthasidgartha4 dagen geleden
  • @9:50 the container moves by itself wtf

    TheBeastly92TheBeastly924 dagen geleden
  • First time I listen to someone and believe them.

    Edward MaqedaEdward Maqeda4 dagen geleden
  • God damn that’s some fucked up shit hearing him go into every detail and sensing every emotion shit was crazy my high ass thought I was in that shit I swear to god fuck

    ryan geckryan geck4 dagen geleden
  • 8:11 😔❤️

    Luke 18:13Luke 18:134 dagen geleden
  • Shit man you could see him reliving it, he had the eyes that have seen shit you wouldn't even begin to fathom just 1% of it. Shit is crazy, a lot of good men died in that operation too, I'd hate to live on knowing I survived and my buddies didn't and those that came to save me didn't all make it back out, but, I guess you have to be strong as it would be selfish to be upset and broken by it, because they paid the ultimate price with the ultimate sacrifice to get your ass out of dogde, that's pretty crazy to just imagine/think about and this guy lived through pure chaos/hell.

    Ryan FreebodyRyan Freebody5 dagen geleden
  • This is why we need to take better care of our Veterans, some of these men and woman have been through hell. God bless all of you and thank you. 🙏

    Outdoor LivingOutdoor Living5 dagen geleden
  • 9:51 probably the wire but the tub starts moving hahaha

    Luke MurrayLuke Murray5 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Nobody 😱😱

    Jabba JohnJabba John5 dagen geleden
  • I’m in pure silence listening to this mans story.

    McCuck81McCuck815 dagen geleden
  • Lone Survivor my ass.....more like War Criminal getting dealt with by the mighty Taliban !

    Jamal AdenJamal Aden5 dagen geleden
    • You want a cookie or?

      yourduckyyourducky5 dagen geleden
  • wow... what a story

    Alexander MedinaAlexander Medina5 dagen geleden
  • I saw him speak in 9th grade in San Diego. Amazing speeches. Incredible story

    Kayla CaseyKayla Casey6 dagen geleden
  • Reading that book multiple times and then seeing the movie was like watching two different things. I know that had to be difficult to fit into a 2 hr movie but they messed so much of that up.

    GrasshopperGrasshopper6 dagen geleden
  • When he pauses, is cuz he has to make up the lie.

    Ziul ZelevZiul Zelev6 dagen geleden
    • Lol do what

      Dwizzleusa 1984Dwizzleusa 19845 dagen geleden
  • I believe a lot of thse guys are just adrenaline junkies that get their fix under the pretext of "patriotism " They get killed or injured & expect our sympathy, they fought for an oil company, not for anybody's freedom.

    Ziul ZelevZiul Zelev6 dagen geleden
  • Some shit noone should ever have to go through. That's a fucking man speaking. I went to war, but not like this.

    Brutusthebarber BeefcakeBrutusthebarber Beefcake6 dagen geleden
  • It’s worth knowing that Mohammad Gulab, the man who saved Marcus, managed to escape the Taliban and is living somewhere free from the Taliban’s grasp. That man put his entire family in danger for helping a foreigner, much respect to him

    A PA P6 dagen geleden
    • I do not have military experience, but having a degree in theology leads me to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and and the story of Lot and his family. Many are confused as to why Lot would offer his daughters to the evil crowd? And he also offered sleeping quarters for the Angels.( he probably was not aware they were Angels at the time?) Anyway, my point of the story is, that this is part of the laws of hospitality in the Middle East that go back 3,500 years or more. Those laws of hospitality stayed in Middle East culture even before the founding of the Muslim religion. Even then, this Afghan villager put his life and his family's life on the line for this American who is a complete stranger! I am so happy the USA granted him Asylum status and I hope he's living happily in the USA even though it must be a very strange experience for him? He is certainly a man of character. I would be honored to meet him one day.

      Rex JamersonRex Jamerson11 uur geleden
    • Aren’t they pashto or something

      erlenderlendDag geleden
    • @Echo Romeo damn 12 children.... That's a rarity nowadays

      Dewandito Sulthanaimar WidiyarsoDewandito Sulthanaimar Widiyarso2 dagen geleden
    • He lives in Texas with his 12 children. He's a great dude.

      Echo RomeoEcho Romeo2 dagen geleden
    • I know you won’t believe me but I’ve met him and know where he lives in the United States.

      Ben JohnsonBen Johnson3 dagen geleden
  • Nice try, Marcus, but I know you're really a cyclops with a prosthetic nose placed in the middle.

    phychmasherphychmasher6 dagen geleden
  • "man, it was a hell of a week"

  • I literally cannot find any full interview videos ? Anyone else experience this ?

    Dylan McgloneDylan Mcglone6 dagen geleden
    • Search better lots of stuff

      Dwizzleusa 1984Dwizzleusa 19845 dagen geleden
  • Dude, everyone in SOF community knows you are lying. Anyone in SOF community knows that SEALS are fucked up. Get therapy, stop laying, making up shit

    VoytekVoytek6 dagen geleden
    • Are you in SOF? because it just sounds like you're a keyboard warrior lmao

      yourduckyyourducky5 dagen geleden
  • Yo does anybody else notice that thing move at 9:52?

    Noah GonzalesNoah Gonzales6 dagen geleden

    Ian LuceroIan Lucero6 dagen geleden
  • Damn, real real

    Joe TubeJoe Tube7 dagen geleden
  • Jorge better have trained with guy's twice his size because that's what Usman is.

    Golden KingGolden King7 dagen geleden
  • This episode alone will make me sign in for the Spotify podcast. This was insane!

    hairlesheephairlesheep7 dagen geleden
  • The Grace of God.

    Saint XavierSaint Xavier7 dagen geleden
  • “ the finger of God. They can look at you and just erase you”😂😂😂 what type of shit is that?

    FFFAFFFA7 dagen geleden
  • “Shampoo hydrate” ~ Mohamed Gulab

    Jake MunozJake Munoz7 dagen geleden
  • Most respect for this warrior and any that served.

    Joey DJoey D7 dagen geleden
  • 9:48 does something slide across the table?

    ftoalanftoalan7 dagen geleden
  • this guy is hurting so bad

    christoph christopherchristoph christopher7 dagen geleden
  • Respect Brother! You have me emotional

    Mojo 1/1Mojo 1/17 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how the Talibans side of this story goes.

    MaineBoxing BiKerMaineBoxing BiKer7 dagen geleden
  • his face can tell that moment had affected his life by the way he acts

    305wicks Fx305wicks Fx7 dagen geleden
  • If this doesn't make you love your country I don't know what would.

    ldn0224ldn02247 dagen geleden
  • I'm glad Ryan Reynolds finally got his head enlargement surgery

    Mark GirouxMark Giroux7 dagen geleden
  • Isn't that exactly what they did ? Pick an A list actor for his Marcus's character... Because to be honest I didn't know any of the other actors until that movie lol

    Zip JonesZip Jones7 dagen geleden
  • Sounds fake.

    Caesar AyalaCaesar Ayala7 dagen geleden
  • God i don’t think we really understand how terrible we are for not taking care of these men and women that go to war... they deserve anything they want when they want, just off respect

    Ken GregoryKen Gregory7 dagen geleden