Mark Sisson on Achieving Metabolic Flexibility Through Fasting

26 mrt. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1624 w/Mark Sisson:

  • So what happens to us when we die?

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerUur geleden
  • Isn't it crazy that every major religion has fasting traditions for millenia? How did everyone already know this but now we are like, yeah fasting is good btw. I swear school is so unnatural.

    NasengoldNasengold4 uur geleden
  • 63 same body when I was a sprinter in college, actually better! 1 meal a day for 3 years with 5 hours a week in gymn doing short painfil workout.Pain is gain.All natural.One necklift , can easily pass for 40.

    Chris EsteyChris Estey7 uur geleden
  • Thought that was epstein for a second then

    Shane RoundShane Round8 uur geleden
  • He is well intended for the most part, buy Layne Norton could have a field day on this guy's bullshit. i.e. metabolic flexibility

    famcantor5famcantor512 uur geleden
  • I’ve been intermittent fasting and doing a low carb diet the past 2 years and feel great. Dropped 25 lbs and have no more joint pains and got rid of brain fog and skin conditions. Never checked my ketone levels but never felt the need to as what I’m doing works for me. Cut out as many grains & carbs as possible and I’m good.

    Reggie DunlopReggie DunlopDag geleden
  • @biolayne i am sorry that you might not want to debunk this guy but... you are just the best person to do it!

    Jonathan michael Aliwarga the gargatorJonathan michael Aliwarga the gargatorDag geleden
    • Layne Norton

      Jonathan michael Aliwarga the gargatorJonathan michael Aliwarga the gargatorDag geleden
  • Calories in.. calories out..too easy,, fasting is just a way to overcomplicate a calorie deficit.

  • "Epstein came back" hide your children

    Bill TkacsBill TkacsDag geleden
  • Spotify sucks where all your episodes? Leave those green douchebags

    Zero Brain PodcastZero Brain PodcastDag geleden
  • Been on 7 day fast not hard, just get adapted. ( coconut oil is your friend)

    Deestroyer82Deestroyer82Dag geleden
  • I wish he would stop promoting evolution and then talking about how unbelievable the body is "Designed"! It is designed and we should give credit where credit is do and not keep saying design came from chaos! I do love his work and just recently got his new book so I'm not hating.

    Robert HaroldRobert HaroldDag geleden
  • So disappointed in Rogan's switch to Spotify (the only place to see the full podcast). If you cast Spotify to your TV it only plays audio. (Really? In 2021??) Rogan knows he needs the video for the "experience" but Spotify's not listening. (And he made the move anyway?) I wonder how many viewers, like me, haven't followed Rogan over to Spotify as a result? He moved purely for the $. Hope it bites him in the ars and he returns to YT, or Spotify gets it together. ;).

    L JL JDag geleden
  • There's no reason to fast to lose weight. Cut the fat out of your food and start exercising. Just cut the fat out your food by itself will give U weight loss. Fat is on your body and you already have enough of it so why would you eat more fat?

    Seths Bike HacksSeths Bike HacksDag geleden
  • I have learned not to tell people that I don't eat Breakfast and Lunch. It's too much for them to comprehend.

    Paulie 247Paulie 247Dag geleden
  • The great reset conspiracy theory....Joe do some research before you spew this conspiracy theory pronouncement.The reset is occurring right in front of you and you don't see it?

    Spaz MonkeySpaz MonkeyDag geleden
  • Didn't Mark Sisson have a heart attack?

    Peter HaywoodPeter HaywoodDag geleden
  • The Great Reset is NOT a conspiracy theory.

    Ciaran CosgraveCiaran CosgraveDag geleden
  • The grear reset is not a conspiracy theory

    Javier MartinezJavier Martinez2 dagen geleden
  • Watching this when am fasting Ramadan one of pillars of Islam fasting from sun rise to sun set for a full month abstaining from water and food. We are also encouraged to fast out side the month of Ramadan every Monday and Thursday. Mohamad peace and blessing be upon him said over 1400 years ago: (fasting promotes health and well being). Fasting in Islam is a school from a spiritual perspective and health wise as well

    RayRay2 dagen geleden
  • Ive been intermittently fasting for about 5 years and i cant believe how many people want to stuff their faces with heavy calories literally minutes after waking up. Like literally they havent even worked up an appetite because they’ve been sleeping the last 8 hours. I cant even look at food in the morning, all i need it black coffee and water and i gives me all the energy i need to start the day.

    Gil GonzalezGil Gonzalez2 dagen geleden
  • No, absolutelty no, fasting is stupid. Your metabolism does not speed-up when fasting, it slows down due to evolutionary efficiency. Think about it: if you're a hunter and gatherer with unreliable food sources, why would your metabolism speed up if you havent eaten in a few days. That's not an advantage, however slowing down is because you're using less which means you have more time to find more food. Fasting is completely stupid. What happens is people lose a little initial weight and then put it all back on and usually some extra because they ruined their metabolism. You want to lose weight like a normal person and not like a facebook Karen? Eat. less. calories, work. out. more. consume. more. metabolic. increasing. foods (green tea is good for increasing metabolism). Do not try fasting, so dumb Keto is dumb too. We are not mean for a ketogenic diet. Obligate carnivores are, like big cats, that's why they sleep most of the day, because even when you're built for ketogenesis, it sucks. Look at the intestinal structure of obligate carnivores = less intestinal track. Look at animals without obligate diets = generally more intestinal track. We have more intestinal track because we are DESIGNED to consumer more fruits and vegetables

    Stephen DefferariStephen Defferari2 dagen geleden
  • IF for two months now. Usually just omad unless lifting. I've lost 24 pounds so far. A side note. When you reduce your carbs so drastically and are doing keto with IF, you will likely go into keto acidosis. This is normally only present in diabetes patients. There is such a thing as losing fat too fast. For me, it led to the worst attack of gout. I couldn't walk on my foot for days. People say cherries, cherry extract, acv, potassium. For me what worked was coffee. Strong coffee. I don't drink coffee and many people say not to drink it on keto. I can't do keto and not get gout without coffee. We are all different. Figure out what works for you.

    Rofl StompsRofl Stomps2 dagen geleden
  • Yes, great reset is a conspiracy theory. Ignore that Canada's prime minister said it last year. Ignore the world economic forum having pages dedicated to it. Ignore the buildbackbetter gov website that redirects to joe biden/whitehouse, but is a slogan of the great reset from europe. Oh yes, and buildbackbetter gov was redirected to the joe biden voting page. Ignore the fact that CNN just recently was exposed stating they did propaganda to make biden win. Ignore the time magazine saying they colluded to fortify the win for joe biden. Ignore the very obvious hands moving the levers. There is nothing behind this curtain.

    TimTim3 dagen geleden

    Pit BullPit Bull3 dagen geleden
  • take in more than you burn you get fat. burn more than you take in you get skinny. my reviews: "you're brilliant "

    John NewmanJohn Newman3 dagen geleden
  • Blueberry, avocado, banana and spinach smoothie will kick ass on kito day in day out.

    S RossS Ross3 dagen geleden
  • Me who eats a lot of sugar and salty products every 3-4 hours and still an incense stick -- Okay

    CKS Chetanya Kumar SahuCKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu3 dagen geleden
  • I read for intermittent fasting you're still supposed to get the 3 meals in the 8hrs

    Wylee CoyoteeWylee Coyotee4 dagen geleden
  • Hesitant to try this if workout, cycle, and work for a living.

    Wylee CoyoteeWylee Coyotee4 dagen geleden
  • So is IF enough to build a flexible metabolism to burn fat as he describe or I absoultely need to do keto as well?

    duelibopduelibop4 dagen geleden
  • Close your eyes and listen to Mark Sisson and tell me he doesn’t sound exactly like Dan Gable.

    BaccaratFitnessBaccaratFitness4 dagen geleden
  • Never knew obese people were super-survivors!

    Milton77Milton774 dagen geleden
  • Such an insightful video

    Amir RizerAmir Rizer4 dagen geleden
  • Came here just for steroids

    ZZ TopZZ Top5 dagen geleden
  • It’s crazy how addictive sugar is. I’m trying to cut back on carbs/sugar to loose some weight. I’ve never been more than 5 lbs overweight before but.getting older makes it harder. Being retired would make it easier. I’m surrounded by bad choices at work. Tough to resist M &Ms. 🙄

    DanDan5 dagen geleden
  • I do keto once a year for 3 months. First time I started I was dying for first 10 days or so. Now, I have only first day a little hard and then no problems at all. I think that is the flexibility he is talking about.

    Miša PetrovićMiša Petrović5 dagen geleden
  • "the brain works better on keytones, than it does on glucose..." it's just not true, super interesting topic but in my view this "Keto" dieting or what ever version of fasting that's being perscribed is basing it's sole benefit from our bodies place of last resort struggle when it's food/glucose deprived. This has more negative effects than positive I believe, particularly when done repeatedly through one's life. Most of these people in my experience advocating these diets are addicted to coffee or other stimulants.

    Passionate LivingPassionate Living5 dagen geleden
  • I’m eating one of his bowls as I’m watching this

    Jose ZamoraJose Zamora5 dagen geleden
  • Ramadhan mubarak 2021 everyone!!!

    ya bishya bish6 dagen geleden
  • This fella should mention that he's on a hard boiled trt. This is the most significant part of why he looks shredded and slim

    Патология ЮмораПатология Юмора6 dagen geleden
  • Anyone with Thyroid disease watching this and thinking "yeah right".

    Brian CBrian C6 dagen geleden
  • Why does Joe keep saying pasta is "eating normal". There is nothing normal about pasta. It's not even food. Your body doesn't know the difference between noodles and a snickers bar. It's all sugar--pure poison..

    longtimelolongtimelo6 dagen geleden
  • For a couple years now I only generally eat once i get home @ 4-5 pm for a few hour window capping at 10pm. but alot of it and full comprehensive diet fats, proteins , veggies fruit and a whole grain carb carrier. It has been a game changer. I keep a little trail mix in my truck if im working hard amd you absolutely must stay liquid. A little coffee lots of water. Perfect for me. Push all day and no wasting time on lunch breaks and losing momentum on the job. When I am done for the day i am in full rest and recovery mode. My whole physique has changed gradually and mobility and overall mood is much better.

    MJ HicksonMJ Hickson6 dagen geleden
  • Fasting and keto is just carnivore diet in disguise so is vegan diet because your cannibalizing your own fat that's why people feel great for the first few months then feel like shit fat stores depleted next is malnutrition and starvation

    Megaman The SecondMegaman The Second6 dagen geleden
  • When I do keto I have zero power and get my ass kicked at jitz

    Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins6 dagen geleden
  • The guy looks like a jacked Tom Waits.

    Blake SteeleBlake Steele6 dagen geleden
  • I believe it I lost 80 pounds on fasting but when I got corona I gain 30 that is getting hard for me to work out with a mask.

    Erick ParraErick Parra6 dagen geleden
  • I can listen to this guy all day.. #stopeating #fast4life🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    Gang GreenGang Green6 dagen geleden
  • Funny, ive lived my whole life eating like this. I knew they were wrong! Lol

    Clasic x KnightClasic x Knight6 dagen geleden
  • How do you know if you’re metabolically flexible, like you were an athlete but put on weight the last year would you be flexible because of the work your body is used to the years prior or not because of the habits from the last year?

    LGNDS23LGNDS237 dagen geleden
  • That’s why Muslim people are much healthier than others when fasting Ramadan and staying away from pig meat

    BoxingPrideBoxingPride7 dagen geleden
  • Can someone who is doing long periods of endurance training still go keto? Doubt it, don’t think any tour de France rider is keto...

    moentertainementmoentertainement7 dagen geleden
  • Ramadan Mubarak ☪️

    Eli JuanEli Juan7 dagen geleden
  • Type in Pierre Trudeau great reset & see what comes up.

    Raptor LeafRaptor Leaf7 dagen geleden
  • Dick Gregory said this years ago

    YonaPopsYonaPops7 dagen geleden
  • Lol joe rogan thinks the great reset is a conspiracy theory, when they’ve (WEF and elites) have talked openly about it

    Kalmer HenricoKalmer Henrico7 dagen geleden
  • Great analysis, I'd just caution that people sometimes hear this sorta thing and walk out thinking that carbs are your enemy, when the main point is Moderation

    alex alfonsoalex alfonso7 dagen geleden
  • Fasting is excellent...encouraging people to eat death is not. You can safely fast 40 days.

    Rebecca DawnRebecca Dawn7 dagen geleden
  • Important footnote: women fasting shouldn’t go beyond 12-14hrs/day, 3-4 days/wk. And keep a close eye on signs of hormonal imbalance and metabolic distress (e.g.: being cold, very tired, short-fused)

    Buddha - Kings Inc.Buddha - Kings Inc.7 dagen geleden
  • I do a simple 12-14 hour fast everyday, I eat dinner before 7pm, and my first bit of around 8 or 9am, low calorie higher in protein diet. Works well for me and is easily achievable and maintaining.

    M DailyM Daily7 dagen geleden
  • Joe "conspiracy theory" Rogan. (sell out Joe)

    donadthegonaddonadthegonad7 dagen geleden
  • This should be one of the top goals for every person. Instead we're told the answer is to eat soy, grains, and antidepressants.

    Michael MaMichael Ma7 dagen geleden
  • Funny christians been fasting for 2000 years every party acts like their on to something Show your talent me science is just catching up to a book that's 2000 years old

    Mike BrownMike Brown7 dagen geleden
  • While this man is working for the betterment of humans, the Communists that seized our Republic on Nov 3 have much different ideas. Do not shoot yourself up with that bullshyt vaccine boys and girls. Wake the fk up before it’s too late.

    Jon JohnsonJon Johnson7 dagen geleden
  • this is cool and all, but it doesn't make sense to me to change all these ways to people that had an incredibly low life expectancy etc.

    NeightiznotNeightiznot7 dagen geleden
  • I was borderline obese from overeating. Then i had gall issues and turned all yellow in the face, couldnt sleep because of the pain and the doctors told me to have surgery. Awesome, huh? But i refused to have my gall bladder cut out since i have an excellent homeopath, and the pain receded after a couple days, but i still felt so miserable i did not eat for almost a week, after that I started with gruel and so on. I lost like 30 pounds and learned that I can indeed beat obesity while not feeling hungry at all. It was a key experience for a better life. I always remember it when i need to shed some of that returning overweight again, and then I only eat once a day, but lunch, not dinner. Its really all i need, because real hunger is a rare thing where i come from. The fight will go on as long as i live i guess ;-)

    ChewieOneChewieOne7 dagen geleden
  • Great watching this during Ramadan, finally finding out my fasting is not unhealthy.

    sitora khaysitora khay8 dagen geleden
  • clear and concise with good tempo. Good job.

    eut256eut2568 dagen geleden
  • Is that James Hetlfied?

    untitledundefineduntitledundefined8 dagen geleden
  • Great Reset is not a conspiracy. There's literally hundreds of videos from the World Economic Forum that clearly states the idea and plan. Along with the prime Minister of Canada.

    John DentonJohn Denton8 dagen geleden
  • So Mark eats twice a day and weighs 164 pounds. Really?

    Sg1 Ds9Sg1 Ds98 dagen geleden
  • Wtf just happened to eating less/smaller meals?

    MatthewMatthew8 dagen geleden
  • How to achieve metabolic flexibility through ... Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone :) Rename the video.

    Metal HamsterMetal Hamster8 dagen geleden
  • People are that afraid to spend a little money on Spotify that they don’t realise it’s free to watch JRE on Spotify 🤡 🤡🤡

    Matitza RichieMatitza Richie8 dagen geleden
    • Man I can't wait for the clown emoji to stop being popular. For me it's mostly that I don't have any reason to use Spotify, whereas I surf NLworld anyway and typically stop at a JRE that looks interesting to me. I don't set reminders/alerts for when the show is released. I use Apple Music (paid) and am pretty happy with it. Aside from that - the lack of comments is a big part of it for me. I think I've heard they are working on this but afaik it isn't implemented yet. I think the greatest strength of NLworld media is that it gives viewers a real voice between the comments and like ratios. When a company or handful of individuals who happen to have a platform/following try to jam something down our throats we can stand up for or against it instead of being in the dark. For example, as much as those damn clowns irritate me I am glad I read your comment because it is significant that he left NLworld and I hope there becomes a reason to start using Spotify over something else. I think many people don't want to have to jump through hoops to get the content they like because it's spread across a dozen platforms

      Steve BakerSteve Baker6 dagen geleden
  • Do a segment on achieving optimal health by eating pizza and gummy worms

    Bro DukeBro Duke8 dagen geleden
  • You lose body weight by creating a caloric deficit. .You’re body will maintain muscle and burn fat more efficiently when in this deficit by by eating adequate protein, keeping your caloric deficit modest enough and using your muscles through resistance training. All the keto diet does is break down the dietary fat you eat into ketones, which your body can then use for energy before it is typically stored as body fat in its original long chain fatty acid form when in the presence of adequate glucose. There is no hard scientific proof that keto will be any more efficient at muscle sparing or stored body fat burning , as long as you are eating enough protein and doing heavy resistance training while in a caloric deficit, using any other diet.

    Sam AppleseedSam Appleseed8 dagen geleden
  • Im 50 and I Started ketovore and intermittent fasting on nov.1 2020, I have lost 105 lbs. In 6 months and 12 days, it is just the way I live now, not a diet, when I break my fasts its 90% proteins and 10% veggies, feel great, and I sometimes do 48 hour water only fasts, handled like its nothing. Wish I would have known this 25 years ago. But I do take supplements. So I don't lose minerals.

    David GearardoDavid Gearardo8 dagen geleden
  • Joe people fast for 10, 20, 30, even 40 days with no problem. Calling it crazy without knowing what you're talking about is ignorant.

    Double RDouble R9 dagen geleden
  • He says fanny pack. I say fatty pack.

    Rob ZRob Z9 dagen geleden
  • Joe is an idiot and a complete moron! Hey joe, where do you think the term “the great reset” came from?! The elites are giving it to us! Yeah big conspiracy eh Joe?! 😂 Have you ever heard of the “world economic forum”?? Google a few things every once in awhile doh 🙄

    Sue JonesSue Jones9 dagen geleden
  • If our hunter and gatherer ancestors had a Keto diet why did they die young?

    DominicDominic9 dagen geleden
  • Luckily, a Warrant Officer was there and diverted a helicopter to take me to some help... as it turned out, I had no salt in my body. So, after that... I always carry like some sunflower seeds or spicy peanuts and such. How do you not go in to a coma in your fasting bull shit... or do you just sit on your ass, while fasting?

    William KentWilliam Kent9 dagen geleden
  • What about the sodium levels... I died in the Marine Corps, one time after depletion of salts

    William KentWilliam Kent9 dagen geleden
  • I did intermittent fasting for 1 year and can honestly say it has had very minimal effects on my body

    Illusive.Illusive.9 dagen geleden
  • No, it’s TRT not fasting bs

    Jake SherronJake Sherron9 dagen geleden
  • Ramadan fasting is good for this. No food or water from dawn till dusk. Only thing one shouldn't do is eat a lot after you break fast. Just eat only enough to fill 2/3 and drink lots of water.

    Abraham SynthAbraham Synth9 dagen geleden
  • Like a fanny pack lol

    Jacobo ReyesJacobo Reyes9 dagen geleden
  • So if your doing intermittent fasting and still lifting-what should ur daily fast be?!

    Ben RentBen Rent9 dagen geleden
  • Spoiled white man stuff

    Tumen OdnuudTumen Odnuud9 dagen geleden
  • good news on the virus in Dr thomas levy's latest book Rapid Virus Recovery free at Nebulized (inhaled) hydrogen peroxide kills viruses quickly and is as cheap as fuck

    don toewsdon toews9 dagen geleden
  • So I’m not fat I’m just in survival mode !

    Massiv Da OGMassiv Da OG9 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else think this guy looks like the Juice Weasel from In Living Color?....

    idratherfly2000idratherfly200010 dagen geleden
  • Can’t lie, in the thumbnail I initially thought it was James Hetfield 😂

    Richard LittlewoodRichard Littlewood10 dagen geleden
  • lol you don't die if you fast for a week or even 4 weeks, as long as you have stored body fat and drink water when your thirsty. there is a guy who was obese weighed over 300lbs fasted for a whole year and ended up weighing about 150lbs at the end of the year. i've done 4 day fast, i do 40+ hour fast twice a week right now.

    Yanuario AriasYanuario Arias10 dagen geleden
  • Great reset conspiracy theory?? lol The world economic forum literally has it on their website lol

    Omar BarreOmar Barre10 dagen geleden
  • Joe that's not the standard American diet.

    David BergerDavid Berger10 dagen geleden
  • Right in time for Ramadan 👍🏽

    H MH M10 dagen geleden
  • Working 2nd shift helps. I eat at around 7pm. Dont eat again till about 11am. Bowl of cereal and maybe yougurt and o.j. Drink a lot of water. work out in afternoon before work. I've done this for 35 years. People think they need a lot of food. You don't.

    c Dittmerc Dittmer10 dagen geleden