What Dan Crenshaw Thinks About Vaccine Passports

6 apr. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:

  • The amount that Crenshaw thinks he "knows" things that we've had one year to observe is astounding.

    TylerTyler4 uur geleden
  • If you look in this Dan’s one eye you can see he is devoid of any soul There’s nothing there except a hate driven agenda

    MOLEMOLE7 uur geleden
  • Can I poke this guys others eye out He doesn’t like most Americans understand leftism Leftism socialism liberalism is what gave you and all of us free speech

    MOLEMOLE7 uur geleden
  • Sounds like for being such a decentralized good boy republican he didn't want to weigh in too heavily on vaccine passports. I bet he's all for it.

    mrengulfeddirectormrengulfeddirector12 uur geleden
  • Or maybe there trying to keep covit under control?? 🤔🤔🤔 Unlike the previous administration!!

    Mark ErardMark Erard14 uur geleden
  • Here in the EU....we will have a vaccine passport, 🤷🏻‍♀️ I want to travel....❤️

    W KW K17 uur geleden
  • Man, Joe is so wrong almost this entire interview

    Brian's Lawn CareBrian's Lawn CareDag geleden
  • Real Americans will unite over time. Both Democratic and Conservative patriots.

    Aidan StewartAidan StewartDag geleden
  • Rogan is too soft to ever have a real job.

    Sub ZeroSub ZeroDag geleden
  • This dude lost me :30 sec in at “the left cannot let go of...” you lose all credibility when you speak on a topic from a political point of view. It’s sad that how we dealt with the pandemic became political. It’s even sadder when people do not realize they’re perpetuating the bullshit rhetoric. Not watching past :30 😪

    Shey SanchezShey SanchezDag geleden
    • He’s got a point, the left needs covid to justify their insane spending sprees as well as having more control over the population. Next you should watch the video instead of trying to cope by closing off the video lol

      Warwick 7 OWarwick 7 ODag geleden
  • “Is it even scientific?”, eye patch guy. “What do you mean by that?”, joe. Eye patch guy,”I don’t know”. This is the republicans of today lmao

    Camilo CatanoCamilo CatanoDag geleden
  • Spotify sucks, had to uninstall it

    Jake JakeJake JakeDag geleden
  • No nano tech or chemicals in me....

    Mark ChickMark ChickDag geleden
  • Maby the scince of buddism needs to be a requirement for all law makers aswell as the conquest of bread might need to replace the bible

    Mr Potato headMr Potato headDag geleden
  • The plandemic was intended to change human behavior on a large scale to mitigate climate change. Especially in terms of consumption and carbon emission. Even HIV resulted in condoms for life which helped slow population growth (the greatest driver of climate change). The world’s top health officials will gladly lie or bend the truth if they are convinced something is for the greater good of humanity and the planet. Most Western world leaders would too.

    Graham AsheGraham Ashe2 dagen geleden
  • Come back to youtube joe :)

    DaveDave2 dagen geleden
  • Read his book Fortitude. It was given to me as a gift, signed. Great book.

    brad millibrad milli2 dagen geleden
  • Rip joe Rogan

    jack Mishoffjack Mishoff2 dagen geleden
  • Get Eddie Murphy on your podcast immediately

    Trill LeeTrill Lee2 dagen geleden
  • So did Dan Crenshaw not get a vaccine? I doubt it.

    VinnyM27 MVinnyM27 M2 dagen geleden
  • Maybe if it was called the germ fact, rather than the germ theory

    That Bro You KnowThat Bro You Know2 dagen geleden
  • half a million in one year, that's a cost? How many millions of lives is Dan willing to pay for his holiday to exotic lands?

    Jamie McGuireJamie McGuire2 dagen geleden
  • He was talking absolute BS about the American health system compared to Canada and America! The UK and Canada have the best healthcare systems in the world, and it's a part of their society for everyone... AND, they pay less tax than Americans. DC doesn't know what he's talking about. Wonder which company is paying him???

    Google UserGoogle User2 dagen geleden
  • I want my stimmy check 😤

    Ray promotionsRay promotions2 dagen geleden
  • Great American patriot rite there

    Brandon CampbellBrandon Campbell3 dagen geleden
  • The NHL has already announced you must be vaccinated next year to attend games.

    N YN Y3 dagen geleden
  • Yes. Liberals are fine, good classic liberals. The wokeness is the real crap that I can't stand.

    Neal YeomansNeal Yeomans3 dagen geleden
  • Never forget that Crenshaw supports red flag laws.

    Johnny JohnsonJohnny Johnson3 dagen geleden
  • So if 3K people are dying every day, like they were back in JAN. And, there is no mitigation, how exactly do you think people would react over say a years time? Do you think we would have an "open" economy? Yeah right.

    Bill ColeBill Cole3 dagen geleden
  • Same old story from every politician....it's an us vs them...conservative vs liberal...right vs left..and it doesn't matter which side the politician is from, they make the same argument. The politicians try to force this idea on the country and pit everyone against each other so they can control the money andthe people. The politicians job is to represent the will of the people, they can't do that if the people come together around the concept that everyone wants to be treated well and kind, everyone wants to be able to put food on the table and everyone wants a decent roof over their head and EVERYONE wants to be loved!

    Steve VawserSteve Vawser3 dagen geleden
  • I will never download Spotify.....free or not....Spotify sucks

    Buckethead LuteBuckethead Lute3 dagen geleden
  • People need to stop buying into the bullshit Left Vs Right scam. Both wings belong to the same rotten bird. Viewing people or yourself as liberal or conservative is just playing into their game. You can easliy state what you believe without using one of their labels.

    Lone TardigradeLone Tardigrade3 dagen geleden
  • Conspiracy theorists. Turns out they were right.

    LM NLM N3 dagen geleden
  • Interviewer: "what do you think of vaccine passports" Republican: The left loves covid and they're probably facists, but we need to differentiate between liberals and progressives. Also I'm good friends with a liberal named Bret Weinstein. (2 minutes of rambling later) ...You can't burn down all the foundations of a society....what was the original question again? This guy sure is a politician.

    let88it88belet88it88be3 dagen geleden
  • “The left can’t let go of COVID” ya it’s almost like it’s not over, and won’t be until everyone is vaccinated

    Ethan WhitmanEthan Whitman3 dagen geleden
    • The vaccination anti-bodies don't last forever. Everyone in the world would have to vaccinate in a certain time window and quarantine like all at the same time. Never gonna happen.

      Marco Polo HOEMarco Polo HOE3 dagen geleden
  • I follow the science - uncompromised by gates's money type of science

    Gavin Murphy the personGavin Murphy the person3 dagen geleden
  • Dr Fauchi doesnt tell you the full truth coz he has skin in the game

    Gavin Murphy the personGavin Murphy the person3 dagen geleden
  • Snake...? Snake!? SNAAAAAKE!!!!

    ShapeShifterShapeShifter3 dagen geleden
  • I still don’t get the argument tho... Covid passport makes sense especially if you love your state and don’t want it to close because of tourist who could possibly carry even more Covid and bring it 🤷🏻‍♂️ but it stops other countries from bitching as well since Europe didn’t allow Americans to go their country without proof of vaccine this is a good thing but it depends how long we need it for tho because if this evolves to showing all vaccines that shit would be wild not gonna lie

    Christian TerryChristian Terry3 dagen geleden
  • Stealing, hard at work stealing....

    7Monza67Monza63 dagen geleden
  • Dr. Fraud Ci is a piece of you-know-what!

    Be CauseBe Cause4 dagen geleden
  • Right vs left. Right feeds the right and the left feeds the left. Round and around we go.

    Zach JohnsZach Johns4 dagen geleden
  • Mark of the beast!

    Roody GRoody G4 dagen geleden
  • "Discipline and hard work". Lol

    SinoraSinora4 dagen geleden
  • Man U need Dave champion on the podcast

    Bobbycrf450Bobbycrf4504 dagen geleden
  • Well said

    ParsPars4 dagen geleden
  • Vaccines, baby formula, baby food = Autism

    AmyAmy4 dagen geleden
  • These guys forgot that covid doesnt care about politics. Its main purpose is to spread and reproduce. Once 90 percent of the population is vaccinated, these assholes can go back to having thier "rights" again.

    Jr FuentesJr Fuentes4 dagen geleden
    • Oh shut up, covid is nothing more than a perfect opportunity to implement eugenics into the current situation of regions and easily decieved by manipulating the division in our societies by infiltrating our minds with their propaganda and programme TELE VISION

      TurboTurbo4 dagen geleden
  • If they don't get the vaccine then they don't have to travel. Sit your minority/poor behind at home and don't spread your COVID around.

    Mike LetterstMike Letterst4 dagen geleden
  • This is from someone who was in the military. Let go of it, stop spending money on it, you’re safe

    Ryan ParkerRyan Parker4 dagen geleden
  • This is what I think about doing to Crenshaw nlworld.info/key/video/rnGke53Pg3ylbaI

    Smokescreen StingsSmokescreen Stings4 dagen geleden
  • Saying you have a better chance of dying of the flu if you're under the age of 20 literally doesn't account for other people lol what about getting grandma killed cause of it. Such a classic example of someone just thinking of themselves, and not caring for others

    ShrimShrim4 dagen geleden
    • Ah, the classic "dont you care about grandma ?" rebuttal

      david palmerdavid palmerDag geleden
  • People in rich neighborhood in America are more reluctant to give vaccines to their children. Please research it by yourself don’t trust anybody. These vaccines could be more harm to your body than the virus.

    *북유럽 정치 스터디&토론*북유럽 정치 스터디&토론5 dagen geleden
  • Join Bitchute for similar youtube experience.... you'll be woke pretty quickly unless you too far gone on MSM and Tell-lie-vision bullshit

    vCASTORTROYvvCASTORTROYv5 dagen geleden
  • Dan and his conservative freeDUMBS. Personal liberties are second place to the rights of the population. The 1st amendment doesn't even survive. You can't yell fire in a movie theatre. The 2nd amendment applies...unless you're a felon.

    Andy BartlettAndy Bartlett5 dagen geleden
  • It's irritating how this man says the same bs as every right wing idiot, but tries to frame himself as this calm, rational person.

    Matthew ShemshediniMatthew Shemshedini5 dagen geleden
  • This could be the future president...

    Carl M. JohnsonCarl M. Johnson5 dagen geleden
  • This new right wing Joe Rogan sucks!! I really miss the cool non partisan stoner Rogan!! May be he is in there somewhere 😂

    Noah KahinNoah Kahin5 dagen geleden
  • This is what having an honest conversation about an issue looks like unlike the one sided narrative the media tries to push. Media will only bring people on that support their narrative.

    James CrassJames Crass5 dagen geleden
  • Dan, stop speaking gibberish , just get to the point !!! We don’t want a book with every interview !!!!why didn’t you stand with President Trump???? I do not support the lousy job you have been doing!!! Go fix the boarder

    Peggy KillionPeggy Killion5 dagen geleden
  • The state should decide which of the 50 isn't being aligned on the federal government as not being told all your 50 are belong to us.

    lskdfoISlskdfoIS5 dagen geleden
    • 13 states starting bills to avoid federal gun crackdowns and treat guns like they treated weed. ATF will no longer get state support if they are pursuing guns. Gun raids. WTF were they thinking?!?!

      lskdfoISlskdfoIS5 dagen geleden
    • define radical changes.

      lskdfoISlskdfoIS5 dagen geleden
  • Exactly Joe. If you are not educated you tend to be a leftist. Thank you very much for saying it out loud when nobody else will. They just want to take our hard earned money and make it theirs and they think that’s the right thing to do. How do you think people who worked for 40 years feel when they find out if their Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and everything else they worked all their lives for are given to illegals????

    ChieflineChiefline5 dagen geleden
  • Lol @ Joe thinking it starts and ends with passports for travelling. It'll end with "show me your papers", "just following orders", and "we're going to have to remove your kids from your home". When you're not even allowed to protest against your government and you COMPLY, then we're all screwed.

    PRST RNDPRST RND5 dagen geleden
  • Our next president FeelsStrongMan

    Sentinel creedSentinel creed6 dagen geleden
  • Dan gets lost in his own bullshit, he tries to sound intelligent fails miserably.

    Ziul ZelevZiul Zelev6 dagen geleden
  • 2 things, yes US travel in the US have been regular but you are flying from hotspot to hotspot. Other countries like Australia and NZ don’t ha e any case due to much better management (aligned with “left”’model) So the passports or some system is essential to stop the virus internationally You don’t want 20 year olds who won’t die “transmitting it” to those that are at risk. They can have it and pass it on. The virus doesn’t care how old you are it just wants to multiply. If the virus isn’t killed off it will continue to develop different varieties of itself some of which won’t be impacted by vaccine. So this “live with it” attitude means live with it forever. Does the “right” want 2020 forever or would be like to go back to a version of 2019???

    Craig KingCraig King6 dagen geleden
  • Can't stand Dan.

    mark yomark yo6 dagen geleden
  • Joe, dammit.. The vaccine is pharmaceutical sales bullshit. I like you but sometimes you're really lost.

    itskarl1799itskarl17996 dagen geleden
  • Dan Crenshaw is high as af

    BirdManBirdMan6 dagen geleden
  • Conservatives have done a fantastic job of finding solutions with the Drug War🤣 Longest losing campaign in history. At least we eventually left Vietnam.

    Big HutchBig Hutch6 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit I hated this guy before. I don’t even know why. I like him.

    Highlight ReelHighlight Reel6 dagen geleden
  • Joe can you bring a centrist on the show instead of an indoctrinated conservative that's part of the republican party?

    Mike HigbyMike Higby6 dagen geleden
  • Lol you're so wrong about conservatives. They resist change, they don't find solutions to embrace it.

    Mike HigbyMike Higby6 dagen geleden
  • Lol "come on man" the Biden admin is AGAINST vaccine passports because it's an invasion of privacy. Do you're hw its PROPAGANDA from the right to deter support for the left. www.newsobserver.com/news/coronavirus/article250550409.html

    Mike HigbyMike Higby6 dagen geleden
  • This dude used to make sense but now he seems so far up his own ass.

    Anthony KnightAnthony Knight6 dagen geleden
  • Funny....terrorists are the rights covid. Used to be able to fly without government documentation.

    Anthony KnightAnthony Knight6 dagen geleden
  • You had to have a vaccine to get in trumps last fundraiser!!! They don’t want to die they just want you to die . Republicans are snowflakes always being the victim!

    Steven WolfeSteven Wolfe6 dagen geleden
  • Oh look its delusional sociopath super hero Dan Crenshaw Parachuting into Joe Rogans experience LMFAO

    James DexterJames Dexter6 dagen geleden
  • I will never comply

    Faith RoseFaith Rose6 dagen geleden
  • Harvey WineSTEEN...Bret WineSTINE.

    WednesdayWarriorWednesdayWarrior6 dagen geleden
  • When is the last time conservatives sought a solution to anything?

    John DuffyJohn Duffy6 dagen geleden
  • Dan Crenshaw loves to generalize, And speak in a hyperbole.

    Antonio De La TorreAntonio De La Torre6 dagen geleden
  • Joe saying that classical liberals and conservatives are the same just shows you how far the left has gone away from the centre

    John ChildJohn Child6 dagen geleden
  • Vaccine passports aren’t a leftist thing though; it’s a global thing. America isn’t the only democracy on the planet

    A PA P6 dagen geleden
  • joe two watch rogan

    Jesse RodJesse Rod6 dagen geleden
  • Classical liberals please stand up and be counted, let these “new” liberals go their own way🇬🇧👊🏼

    Cain CotterillCain Cotterill6 dagen geleden
  • The Left fails to recognize that half of human nature is evil. That evil is always there and always will be. Rights were identified to protect the individual against the primary evil of government: power over people. That is the evil inherent in government that we must always guard against. People do best with the least government interference possible. Here, conservatives and classical liberals agree. A Covid passport is a power control by government force based on an evil intent (control of individuals) couched within a false narrative for public safety. Americans want liberty more than security. Logic may imply that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but the Constitution grants that the rights of the individual are equal to the desires of the collective. Every liberty chipped away to the collective will require blood to get it back.

    Edward StowersEdward Stowers6 dagen geleden
  • Joe, I’m deeply disappointed that you sold your show out to the extremist. I get you were able to make big money off of it but it goes against what I thought you stood for....

    ryan daddinoryan daddino6 dagen geleden
  • "crazy things like tax the rich"? 70% of rich people in the US inherited their wealth. Decades of hard work? I don't think so.

    Germain St-PierreGermain St-Pierre7 dagen geleden
  • Fear is being used as invisible chains to enslave people's minds. These people know that and that's why they USE IT AS A WEAPON AGAINST THE PEOPLE. Time to wake the fuck up.

    Lonely NoodleLonely Noodle7 dagen geleden
  • Lots of drinking never smoking good ole cannabis anymore. Sigh.

    Alex AkerAlex Aker7 dagen geleden
  • My 80 year old Priest got covid and was fine. Have that many people really died?

    M LoM Lo7 dagen geleden
    • It's just fear mongering so millions of idiots can run and get the vaccine and wonder why they will be dying off.

      AmyAmy4 dagen geleden
  • Even if the lockdowns kill millions of people worldwide and ruin the education of an entire generation it’s worth it if it saves just one life

    Henry BrightHenry Bright7 dagen geleden
  • Joe..., from Canada, I feel like you have been too influenced by Texas Conservatives. Your narrative has changed a lot. Please don't be nagative towards vaccines. I also have decades in the trenches, but I am not rich. I could have been, but then a divorce robbed me. It is all about thinking critically.

    SDM MediaSDM Media7 dagen geleden
  • It's funny when you realize vaccines require IDs. Lol oopsies

    Mark SmithMark Smith7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is ridiculous. "It's not scientific"... ? Haha.

    Chris FetChris Fet7 dagen geleden
  • eyepatch

    bob martybob marty7 dagen geleden
  • What absolute BS. Yes. Republicans, the party of science.

    Amanda FernandezAmanda Fernandez7 dagen geleden
  • As much as it pains me, I have to agree with Crenshaw. But I would amend his statement and say that the government as a whole can't let go of covid, it allows them too much control.

    Erik Torbjørn BjørnssonErik Torbjørn Bjørnsson7 dagen geleden
  • Feudalism never really left. It has just become disguised and covert. "Neo-Feudalism"

    Vince EvansVince Evans7 dagen geleden